LEGO® and Shell Make New Masak-Masak

16 Aug 2012
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Confirm you never hear of this before! Ferrari, LEGO® and Shell combine force and release 6 collectible F1 car models. 6 leh! We want to make sure everyone - chewren, siao LEGO® people and siao Ferrari people - all like this. Everyone know at that time COE prices high like anything, kee siao one. And then, at the same time hor, everyone siao F1 mah. The F1 cars bring down to Singapore and we kena have to block up the Marina Bay area, whole place jam. So we tell people, "You want to ownself have a Ferrari? Can! $5.95 nia!" Besides got newspaper advertisement and radio advertisement for this F1 car models, we also make one big big F1 Ferrari car and is all make out of LEGO one hor! Successful until at the end of the day, almost all sold out leh. You want also don't have lor! 

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