One People, One Nation, Everybody #ChangeForGood

28 Feb 2013
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LG just launched their new swee swee handphone Optimus G! For this phone hor, LG chuk a lot of pattern. First, there was this #ChangeForGood movement to ask Singaporeans to be more aspirational and move towards building a more united nation. You know, I am very proud to be a Singaporean now because in just two weeks, more than 15,000 people #ChangeForGood leh. And then hor, the phone's official launch was in the new aircon garden at Marina Bay, shiok sia. You got see before handphone launch in garden one meh? Finally, also got this pop-up LG koptiam outside Wisma for people to lim kopi and try out the phone. The kopi gao gao so shiok that even Little Psy flew down from Korea to dance Gangnam Style machiam he owned Orchard Road, hoh seh right?

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