Live Young Like Anything

30 Nov 2012
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"Living young" means what to you? You ask us 'live young', we tell you go beach party chiong, drink beer, play volleyball, take photo, listen to chiongster music and bio chio bus. So when evian tell us they want people to live young, that's what we did lor! We take everything (plus got summore!) and created the Live Young party series for evian. Where the party held? Tanjong Beach Club lah, ahbudden! 

We put evian on to everything, as in, like, really everything. Beach umbrella lah... beach balls lah... towels lah... t-shirts lah... everything also got evian. So everywhere people go in Tanjong Beach Club ah, confirm is will see evian one. What else we have? Photobooth! Singaporeans like to take picture and camwhore mah. So we let them take picture at the party with evian until they song. So like this, people think of party, think of live young, automatic will think of evian! Smart right? 

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